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Has your tile and grout floor lost it's luster and beauty? Does your grout no longer resemble the color you worked so hard to pick out? Don’t waste the weekend on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and bucket of hot soapy water; you will likely end up with sore knees and an aching back with results you’re not happy with. Let us show you what our contained tile and grout cleaning system can do. It is simply amazing! It gives us the benefit of a pressure washer coupled with our powerful cleaning machine – without the mess!

Our Tile Cleaning Process

Inspection: The first thing we do, is we look to make sure that the tile and grout has a good structural integrity. We want our technicians and you to be aware of any pre-existing damage. This includes cracked tiles and broken grout.

Sweeping: There are times we may need to give the tile surface a good old fashioned sweeping before we begin to remove any larger debris from the tile and grout floor.

Pre Spray: We use a special tile cleaning solution that not only breaks up the soils on the tile surface but that break down the dirt and oil in the grout.

Scrubbing: We have a few tools we can use to scrub the tile face and especially to get into the grout lines to work in our cleaning solution to really break up that soil. This helps greatly to suspend the soils in the cleaning solution so that we can remove them. We promise it's better than a toothbrush.

Rinsing: Using our self contained tile cleaning tool and the hot water for our cleaning machine where we rinse the floor between 900-1200 PSI depending on the floor. Our self contained tile cleaning tool not only rinses the floor but also extracts the dirty water up immediately leaving no mess – only a clean and sanitized floor.

Drying: At times, we’ll use special fans to dry the floor quickly so that it can be used immediately after cleaning.

Sealing: This is an optional service but we can seal the grout lines and the tile if it is a stone based tile that will benefit from sealing. Our sealing product penetrates into the grout lines and forms a protective barrier that doesn’t allow liquids, dirt, grease to be absorbed into the grout lines. It will help keep your tile floors looking great in between professional cleanings. Let us be clear, our sealing product is not a topical or paint but it is an impregnating sealer that absorbs into the grout(and stone) to create this protective barrier. 

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Read Our Reviews Call: (412) 401-1700 Quote/Schedule